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About Wellness with Marcy

WellnessWithMarcy.com is an online resource that provides “intentional”, personalized counseling, coaching, guidance, and support for women and moms who want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy and sustainable way- to live a healthier life. If you have lost weight, only to gain back those dreaded pounds or if you are just struggling to lose weight and you are serious- really serious about getting on your journey to health and wellness, then you are at the right place!


Our founder, Marcy, who is a mom herself breaks down a wide variety of weight-loss strategies that has helped her on her journey to achieving good personal health and wellness. She provides guidance, instructions, suggestions, and tips in a in a clear, concise, and usable way. For her, this is a purposeful calling as she has always had a passion for health and wellness and is always the go to person in and around her circle whenever those challenging times arise- and arise they will once the journey to health and wellness has begun.


This medium was created as Marcy realized how much a lot of women/moms are struggling to lose and keep the weight off in a sustainable way and overall lead a healthier lifestyle. One woman told her that with all her daily responsibilities as a mom and wife there is hardly any time for herself. Despite the many challenges and day to day obligations that women and moms are faced with however, losing weight and gaining health and wellness is doable- it can be done- many have done it, many are doing it and you can do it too! Marcy has helped countless women get on their way to health and wellness and continues to do so- just for the love of it.


At WellnessWithMarcy, the goal is to encourage and promote self-love, by emphasizing the importance loving self and filling your very own cup so you can be better to for yourself and all those around you. Marcy understands that everyone is different, with different backgrounds and with different things going on their lives. She therefore provides a personalized coaching approach to fit your specific situation and needs. She meets you where you are and builds on that.


She is very passionate and proud about the service she provides and is committed and dedicated to helping you achieve your desired health and wellness goals. She takes the success stories personal and will be your biggest cheerleader. Your success is her success!

Marcy stands by the quote

If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

She believes that women are the real architects of society who are always fixing, mending, and talking care of everyone else. She envisions a world where having true health and wellness is like breathing, where real organic foods are found and eaten throughout every home, where we are living in unison and with the freedom to give and receive love and live that joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling life we are all destined to on this earth.

A mom of one with a background in psychology and communication, she took health into her own hands and started researching to find answers to her own health struggles. Her research turned into an obsession for all things health and wellness and inspirational audios. She is a motivational speaker and author of the book: The Switch: 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for lasting Weight Loss, Health & Wellness”

When she’s not researching health and wellness journals, creating new recipes, or recording inspirational audios, you can find her somewhere outside in the sun with her daughter (who keeps her very active) or travelling far and wide to farmer’s markets to get some of the best organic foods- and you guessed it- giving useful guidance, inspiration and support for health and wellness along the way to those who need it

Note from Marcy:

I’m not a doctor, a lawyer or a “health guru” I am just a woman and a mother who is super passionate about creating and maintaining a healthy life for myself and family, and I would love to believe you are a lot like me. In fact, I have put together list of the things I wish I knew differently before I started this journey and I’d love to share it with you. Just enter your email address here and I’ll send it your way. Don’t fret- you will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.


Here’s the thing, I can’t change the health and wellness of the world alone, but I am convinced with absolute certainty that as a group and as women-we can. Here’s why- we, as women are the key to sustainable quality of life in the family; we sustain the growth of society and mold the future of nations- tremendous power- indeed. This power is often directed away from ourselves as we are constantly thinking about the well-being of others above our own. We must learn to take care of ourselves, it is important that we learn to fill our own cups, so we have enough for ourselves and for others. My goal is to help every woman become as healthy and well as she desires to be so she can look and feel her best and be the best to those around her. So, if you are serious and you are ready, I am confident that together, we can create lasting change.


I often get asked, “How do you manage to maintain your shape?” or “What is your diet like?” and I realize that this is an area that a lot of people are struggling with and because I have had my fair share of struggles with losing weight, and taking control of my health, I decided to share what I have learnt along my journey. So if you have worked incredibly hard to lose weight but have not seen the results you want or if you need that extra support and guidance to maneuver those bumps in the road along your journey- whether it be cravings, frustration or lack of energy, I want to help to make the journey a bit easier for you.


At WellnessWithMarcy.com you’ll have the access to one-on-one personalized, daily, weekly, or monthly support and guidance and accountability to keep you on track depending on your specific individual needs. If you are someone who loves the group setting, we have an amazing support group who wants to see you win!

You will receive useful diet tips along with mindful and fitness strategies that others have found useful- to which- when implemented, guarantees to give positive results. Upon registering you will first receive a free Phone consultation- this is where we get to know each other and see where you are at on your journey and work on getting you set up on the best strategy to suit YOUR unique situation. I like to think of it as meeting you where you are and building from there.


PURPOSE with PASSION- We do this for the love of it!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed- We are all connected, so your success is my success!

I want to know about you! Come join the amazing community around here. We welcome you and look forward to an amazing life changing journey.